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    A mediator is a third, impartial party, licensed by the Ministry of Justice, chosen to mediate between parties to resolve the disputes or cases they have in accordance with the principles of mediation.

    More than one mediator may mediate in the mediation procedure.

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    Chamber’s acts

    The Chamber of Mediators of the Republic of Kosovo is an independent non-profit legal entity, acting per Law No 06/L-009 on Mediation and other acts entered by the Chamber’s General Assembly and approved by the Ministry of Justice.

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    The mediation procedure and mediators enable the resolution of different disputes and cases at the service of citizens and access to justice.

    The Chamber of Mediators is the main body that aims to represent the mediators of the Republic of Kosovo and strives for a more successful and robust mediation procedure in the country.

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    Representation, coordination and development of mediation services in the Republic of Kosovo, provided by licensed mediators with public authorizations in compliance with Law No 06/L-009 on Mediation and the sub-legal acts deriving from this law.

    Kosovo's Chamber of Mediators also aims to develop and lead the profession of mediator towards its affirmation as a reliable profession that provides highly necessary and valuable public services to all Kosovo citizens.


    Mediation as a reliable legal mechanism of alternative dispute resolution and highly qualitative and professional mediation services in Kosovo developed through activities aimed at promoting this mechanism and protecting, developing and advancing mediators in the country.

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    How to contact mediators and request their services

    You can easily connect with a mediator

    • Select the mediator

      You can find the mediators in our database located in the mediators section of this web and contact them via email or phone.

    • Meet them

      During the meeting, you will be able to address your problem and ask for a solution.

    • Success

      You will agree with the mediator(s), and if the dispute or case you have can be handled through mediation, you have a very high chance of success in resolving it.

    Connect with the Chamber

    If you are a mediator interested in becoming part of the Chamber or a party wanting to contact the Chamber, then fill out this form, and someone will contact you.